Get Ready… Set… Go! 100 Days to Primary Election Day.

It’s time to mark your calendar! This week marks the 100 day count-down to the next election. On August 23rd 2022 voters will cast their ballot on Primary Election Day. As of March 31 st 2022, 1,509,530 voter’s in Miami-Dade County are eligible to make decisions about a long list of public offices. Many of them are partisan positions (Democratic or Republican candidates running for office). Some of them are non-partisan races. Here you can view the list of public servant positions voters in Miami-Dade need to select and vote for this August:

Partisan Races

  • United States Senators
  • House Representatives
  • Florida Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Florida State Senators
  • Florida State Representatives

Non-Partisan Races

  • Circuit Judges
  • County Judges
  • County Commissioners
  • School Board Members
  • and – if voters live in an

“incorporated neighborhood” like Key Biscayne, local Council Members and Mayors

Voters decide over their local, county, state and federal governments. Many instrumental decisions are being made right here at home and determine the quality of our daily lives in our communities.

To take the first step to “Be Election Ready” go to and to check your VOTER STATUS: Are registered? Is your address correct? Do you have a party affiliation? you have an up-to-date vote-by-mail application? Share the link and ask your family and friends to check their registration status.

Over the next weeks leading up to the election we will present more information about upcoming dates and deadlines and Florida Primary Election laws you need to be aware of to make sure you are ready and eligible to cast your vote.

For more information about upcoming elections go to or the Miami Department of Elections at

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