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The Healthy Democracy Kit Promotes Voter Engagement

The health of your patients happens outside the clinic. Your advocacy can too.

The strength of our healthcare system is defined by elected officials who decide funding, laws and policies that determine its success. Community health centers, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers are invited to join the thousands of others throughout the country that are encouraging voter registration and voter participation.

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VotER is creating momentum around civic engagement in healthcare, with a range of partners across the US including Ascension network of hospitals, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Hospital Association, the National Association of Community Health Centers, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Wisconsin, and more.

Hospitals are permitted to conduct nonpartisan voter education and registration activities, which provide valuable contributions to public understanding of and debate about key issues, as long as they are not coordinated with a candidate or political party, according to the American Hospital Association’s legal guidelines.

Community Health Centers (FQHCs) are trusted community leaders, and federal statutes allow them to promote nonpartisan civic engagement. The National Association of Community Health Centers Health Center Advocacy Network is partnering with VotER to build this capacity within the health center movement across the nation.

Health care providers across all role groups (RNs, MDs, PAs, LICSWs) and across all specialties can help get their patients registered to vote with our VotER badge backers which are created and shipped at no cost to providers. It’s as simple as giving your patient the QR code and letting them scan it on their phone. The site guides them from there!

The Healthy Democracy Kit

Organizations, departments or individual providers can order Healthy Democracy Kits that include a VotER lanyard and badge backer that you can make a part of your regular ID cards. There are also Digital Kits that come with a PDF that can be printed out, laminated, and distributed as well as an image file that can be used as a phone lock screen. The badge backer displays a QR code along with a text code that links to our non-partisan, GoVoteMiami online Registration Portal.

Together with the Healthy Democracy Kit there are free posters and other communication materials and tools available for use by organizations or templates they can print from.

Other creative ways to go above and beyond

  • Incorporate in telemedicine
  • Post on your LCD screens
  • Create videos to run in waiting rooms
  • Send a message through MyChart
  • Put a link on your homepage
  • Add your short link to your discharge paperwork

About User training

All users must watch a four-minute training video and agree with the terms of use – the use of all VotER kits is on a strictly non-partisan basis. In addition, brief training scripts are available to access online.

Organizations will receive a monthly report of how many people your group has registered to vote. This allows for group level tracking, the introduction of competitions, and internal goal setting as a group.

The Healthy Democracy Campaign is easy to launch!

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