past events

We organize events, come to yours or supply you with the training and tools to set up your own VR drive. We offer tools and training to reach compliance for Public Agencies (and all organizations that fall under the mandate of the National Voter Registration Act)


Mom's Demand Action
Gibson-Bethel Community Center
NACA Conference
FIU NOW Gun Control Legislation & Active Shooter Response
Voter Registration for the Wall Performance @ Arscht Center
African Heritage Cultural Arts Complex @ Jazz Festival
March Madness Richmond Heights
Music Video | Voices be Heard
Verrick Park Community Event
Voter Registration @ Lower East Side Book Store
Grove/Key Dems Club Presentation
Voter Registration Rally
NACA Seminar
Voter Registration Event Miami
Voter Registration Rally
Families in Paradise
Voter Registration @ Key Biscayne Farmer's Market
Key Biscayne Voter Registration Drive
Miami Metro Zoo
Presentation @ Active Democrats South Miami
Ransom Everglades Womens Empowerment Club VR-Drive
Voter Registration Rally
Voter Registration Training in South Miami
Voter Registration Training
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