Teachers Appreciation Day 2

137 Years of Public Schools in Miami Dade: #ThankATeacher this week – and every week

Roughly 13,800 school districts around the nation educate more than 55 million students in the United States. Florida has only 69 school districts but educates 2,838,866 students in a total of 4,202 schools.

The Miami-Dade Public School System was established July 9, 1885, and has since grown into the third largest school district in the entire country. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the MDCPS’s records, 17, 365 teachers in Miami-Dade are currently educating 331,500 students and 50,000 adult learners in 522 schools.

No matter their ZIP code or the color of their skin, teachers are creating lesson plans while they do their utmost to create a sense of safety and belonging for their students. They are getting up early to make it work and they stay up late with worry. Teachers are working with parents and caregivers while they work without enough resources. They are reaching students who are falling behind and must reach into their own pockets to transform classrooms into learning environments.

Educators will highly appreciate your involvement, your comments and awareness – during this teacher Appreciation Week – and any week. Be proactive and ask what support looks like to them, what they need most in their classroom and their school. Make your appreciation personal by mailing a special note, give them a shout-out on social media, or let them know in person just how important they are. #ThankATeacher.

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