You Might Not Like What’s Missing From Your Ballot

Voters can now view their sample ballots on the Election Department’s website. The outcome of the partisan races in the Primary Election is the first important step to determine all Floridians’ representation in Congress (Senators and House Representatives) and in State government (Florida Senate and House). They also determine the candidates available on the November ballot running for governor and for many more critical positions shaping our laws, policies and ultimately our communities (see graphic).

Depending on the choice of party affiliation a voter has made on their voter registration, ballots will look different for D, R or NPAs (No Party Affiliated) voters.

No Party Affiliation – No Vote in These Races. Since Florida is a Closed Primary State, voters are required to check on their voter registration to opt into participating in the partisan races for Primary Elections. This detail of Florida
Election law is often misunderstood and has discouraged voters from choosing a party affiliation because they believe it to mean to “Join a Political Party”. That is, in fact, incorrect. In this state a voter’s party affiliation is a voter’s ticket to participate in the chosen party’s races to determine that party’s most suitable candidates. All voters can
then vote for the winners of those partisan races in the November General Election.

Voters have 11 more days (July 25th ) to register or update their voter registration to be Election Ready. View your sample ballot at To be able to vote for the races listed, check your party affiliation, go to

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