Monday, July 25th – Last Chance to Register or Update to be Election Ready!

Registering to vote is a right as well as a duty of citizens. It is available to all persons over the age of 18 and are United States citizens who meet the requirements. Anyone who is least 18 years old can register, though you can pre-register at 16 in Florida. If you are eligible one can register or update a registration by end of business day, up to 29 days prior to any election. The Miami Dade Elections Department is open Mon-Fri from 8AM to 5PM.

Who Can Register? Any citizen of the United States. You must live in Miami-Dade County to register to vote here. There is no length of time you must live in the county before you can register. Ineligible are persons who are not U.S. citizens; anyone who has been adjudicated mentally incapacitated with respect to voting, and has not had their right to vote restored; or if one has been convicted of a felony and has not had their civil rights restored.

Update Your Info Registered voters can request address changes online by telephone 305-499-VOTE (8683), email (, fax (305-499-8501), mail or in person by providing their full name, the new address, date of birth, signature (for written requests only) and either your Florida Driver license number, Florida identification number, or last four digits of their social security number. Prospective voters who meet all the eligibility requirements can register to vote online. They may also submit a Voter Registration Application by mail. Please print, sign it and mail it to the Elections Department at PO BOX 521550, Miami FL 33152. All paper applications must contain the applicant’s original

Helpful Dates and Deadlines
July 25: Last Day to Register or Update
August 8: Early Voting Starts at 23 Locations
August 13: Last Day to Request a Vote-By-Mail Ballot
August 21: Early Voting Ends
August 23: Election Day Voting 7am – 7pm

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