Meet Mayoral Candidates: Neighbors and Visionaries

On August 11, 2022 at 7:00pm, Key Biscayne neighbors have another opportunity to meet the 3 mayoral candidates, this time in a more unconventional setting. While debates on critical KB topics have already been held, this event wants to invite additional dialog and open doors for communication between residents and candidates in a less formal setting – while addressing topics important to village life and its future. Doors open at 6:30pm; the event starts at 7:00pm at the Key Biscayne Community Room (Village Hall, 88 West McIntyre Street, next to the Turtle Pond).

One of the most effective ways to make voting relevant and topics relatable is through personal experiences and face-to-face interactions. Reaching beyond group chats and social media echo chambers for information isn’t always intuitive or convenient. One way to gain new perspectives is to meet candidates and neighbors with different objectives and concerns, hearing about issues that affect your daily lives in personal ways. Making a
personal connection is often the only path to make an item on the ballot relevant. Topics for the August 11 th mayoral community event hosted by GoVoteMiami were selected to spark innovative ideas beyond the election and grow connections throughout the island community.

Surrounded by Water
Advocating for fishable, swimmable, drinkable water through actions, policy and partnerships.

Island Environment
Meaningful and practical solutions to live green, sustainable lives.

Community Culture and Safety
Technology, fresh perspectives, and multidimensional communication to boost the one-village vision.

Please join us for a conversation with neighbors about community vis-a-vis new technologies, unconventional ideas, and fresh perspectives. Limited seating, please RSVP info@GoVoteMiami.org.

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