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Caution: Mind the Gap. It’s Smaller Than We Are Told

According to a Dec. 1st FOX News article “Most Americans support keeping the landmark U.S. Supreme Court 1973 abortion decision Roe v. Wade in place”. Two-thirds of voters questioned in a Fox News national poll conducted in September wanted to keep Roe and legalized abortion nationwide in place. Going past the top lines, the Fox News poll indicated that for the first time, over half of Republicans (53%) joined majorities of Democrats (77%) and Independents (64%) in saying Roe should remain the law of the land.

FOX, Gallup, Pew, ABC, W-Post. The conventional wisdom is that Americans’ views are highly polarized and deeply entrenched. The reality is more complicated than that. While there is a clear gap of opinions, mostly along party lines, a plethora of polls on this topic all have one thing in common: an overwhelming majority of people questioned do not want Roe vs. Wade overturned.

Clear Trends In the same FOX survey, (12-15th of Sept 2021), 56% of voters favor “the bill being considered by the U.S. House that would allocate an additional three and a half trillion dollars toward infrastructure, including spending to address climate change, health care and childcare”. 39% opposed it. 5% didn’t know. 65% (29%, 5%) believe he coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective. 69% believe (31/3) believe schools should require teachers and students to wear masks.


Broken Contract Why then, do we see so much derisiveness over issues a clear majority of people in our country agree on? In our everyday lives we must ask that question and ask it with great urgency! When the opinions and convictions of voters are not being safeguarded by our representatives, courts, and institutions, we are all in trouble. When we cannot rely on our politicians to represent us, the contract we have as voters, is broken.

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