You’ve Got Mail: is your Voter Information Card Correct?

Eligible voters have received their new Voter Information Card during the month of June. While this card isn’t required to vote, it is a convenient and important document to confirm your voter registration is up-to-date and accurate.

Each Voter Information Card states the voter’s name, address, and voter registration number including the date the card was issued. It goes on to list the voter’s precinct number together with the Election Day voting location of each
precinct. It displays if the voter has a party affiliation and goes on to show the voting districts for Congress, State Senate, State House, County Commission, School Board and Community Council (if applicable).

Throughout the month of June, the newly issued cards went to each of the 1,513,356 voters in Miami-Dade County and are accompanied by a letter from the Supervisor of Elections, Christina White. In 2015, the Mayor of Miami-Dade County appointed Ms. White as Supervisor of Elections, where she oversees the largest elections operation in the state of Florida and the seventh in the nation.

This includes administering more than 30 federal, state and municipal elections per year, serving the more than 1.5 million registered voters of the largest county in Florida, managing up to 30 early voting locations and 907 precincts on Election Day.

Ms. White manages a staff of 106 full-time employees, up to 1,500 temporary employees and 6,000 poll workers with an annual operating budget of $32 million.

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