One Month to Update your Voter Registration

When we hear “Voter Registration” we are tempted to think: “No problem - I am registered– so I don’t have to pay much attention”. As a result of the approved redistricting results The Miami Dade Elections Department has sent new Voter Information Cards to every registered voter in Miami Dade County. To confirm that your voter information is up-to—date and correct on in it is an excellent first step to ensure that you are “Election Ready”. The deadline to update your registration is July 25th – 29 days before any election!

Updates to the Voter Registration can be done by filling out the standard registration form and mailing it to Election Department, PO Box 521550, Miami Florida 33152. Go to to download the form; some changes can also be made on-line at

  • Got married? Moved to a new home? Name changes and a change of address require an update of your voter registration (as well as your driver’s license). Update Your Party Affiliation: Florida election law requires a party affiliation to vote in the partisan primary election races. “No Party Affiliated” voters have no say in their choice for partisan candidates. Only voters with a party affiliation can cast their ballot to select those candidates that will be available to all voters to chose from in the General Election in November.
  • Vote By Mail is highly recommended by the Department of Elections. It is safe, convenient and affords voters ample time to review ballot choices without being rushed.
  • Signature. Update it every 4 years.

Forms to download, dates, deadlines and more is available at . You have until July 25th 5PM to submit changes.

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