Early Voting Facts

Early Voting & Vote By Mail – Facts and Clarifications

Early voting has started on Monday, August 8th and will continue until Sunday, August 21st . Polling locations will be closed on Monday, August 22nd while precinct voting locations set up for Election Day, August 23rd . The closest of the 23 early voting location to Key Biscayne is the Historic Garage adjacent to the former Science Museum opposite Vizcaya. Opening hours are a bit confusing: Monday through Friday of the first week 7AM to 3PM. Monday through Friday of the second week 11AM to 7pm. On both Weekends polling locations are open from 8AM to 4PM.

To make in person voting less of a chore and more fun, consider making it an outing with your family or with a bunch of friends. Find a voting buddy and team up to vote – maybe grab lunch afterward or meet up after work with colleagues for a voting happy hour.

If you have received a vote-by-mail ballot you have several options. To make sure your vote gets counted, it must be received by the Department of Election not later than 7:00PM on the day of the Election. It is the voter’s responsibility to ensure it gets there in time!

1.) Mail It: Fill out your ballot, place it inside the provided security sleeve, then into the mailing envelope. IMPORTANT: do not forget to sign the outside of the envelop in the indicated field. No postage is required. Provide a contact in case there is an issue with your ballot. It allows the supervisor of election’s team to reach out to you quickly to offer an opportunity to cure your ballot.

2.) Drop It: You can drop off your vote-by-mail-ballot at any early voting location during voting hours. It is also possible to drop it off at the Election Department at 2700 NW 87th Ave, Miami, FL 33172, or the Stephen P. Clark Center at 111 NW 1st Street, Miami, FL 33128. You must present a valid ID to drop off your ballot.

3.) Vote In Person: if you change your mind and would like to vote in person, you can! The law does not actually require you to return your vote-by-mail ballot, but it can cut down on wait time if you bring the ballot and exchange it for an in-person ballot.

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