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Civic Health is Up to Us All – Engage your Circle of Influence

Improving civic health by increasing the number of engaged voters expands representation in shaping the policies that affect our health. Empowering community members to register to vote and participate in elections is a critical action healthcare institutions and providers can take to improve not only community-level civic health, but also physical and mental health at the individual level. All medical professionals can participate in the upcoming August Civic Health Month Campaign and provide information about voting and civic engagement.

Join over 200 hospitals, healthcare associations, and civic engagement organizations united to building a healthier democracy. As frequent and often trusted touch points for community members, healthcare institutions have a unique role to play in contributing to civic health.

80% of health outcomes are determined by non-medical factors from access to food to transportation to affordable housing, our elected officials make decisions that impact the health and well-being of our communities. Every election is a critical opportunity for voters to help shape those decisions and hold elected officials accountable for creating solutions to the health challenges facing our communities. Civic health describes the current capacity of a community to address issues that impact the well-being of its members.

While a variety of different metrics are used to assess overall civic health, two that are especially relevant in the healthcare setting are voter registration and electoral participation rates. By checking in on these civic vital signs when talking to their colleagues and patients, healthcare providers can help promote better civic health. Over 200 hospitals, healthcare associations, and civic engagement organizations unite to celebrate Civic Health Month in August.

  • Email staff or members to encourage voter registration, using provided templates
  • Add important election reminders to your organizational calendar
  • Use a provided toolkit to post on social media
  • Promote Civic Health Month sponsored events
  • Display posters or provide one-pagers for patients

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